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A series of Twitter accounts that are mentioned in ISIS’ programmatic document titled ‘The Islamic State 2015’ and reported by WikiLao are being investigated by international security forces. The list appears at the end of the document before a postcard-page with photos of joyous militant and the caption ‘See you in the Caliphate.’

According to the document, the accounts are contacts for anyone thinking of traveling to the areas under the control of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s men in Syria and Iraq. Three accounts are linked to women.

The document states that “these people live in the Islamic State. They use Surespot and other private messaging apps.” It clearly advises to contact them through the Deep Web, using TOR, which guarantees anonymity, or via Chatsecure.

However, Twitter remains the key IT tool for ISIS propaganda and recruitment. The contact people who are ready to assist aspiring citizens of the self-proclaimed Islamic State are often banned from the social network, but the document – which, as confirmed by reliable sources, “was undoubtedly commissioned by ISIS leaders” – reassures the readers that there “will always be new Twitter accounts.”

Which doesn’t mean the authors of the document approve of the situation. Thus, after having threatened Twitter’s management in the past few months, ISIS is now sending a grim message through a drawing of a black militant-bird shooting the blue bird, Twitter’s logo: “trust me, don’t try too hard, Twitter, you will never win against us,” is the message.

February 3, 2015