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Perhaps Teheran is changing its tune, but the international community, although they welcome the “different words and attitudes” of the new President Hassan Rohani, is waiting for actions.

Those documented up to now, in a report on the Iranian violations of the embargo imposed by the United Nations, tell of a country that, until now, has tried everything to further its nuclear and military programs.

WikiLao has seen the report.

In the text, written after months of inspections and investigations at the beginning of last summer, the installation of the new IR-2m centrifuge in the nuclear reactor in Natanz is noted, mentioning, at the same time, the conversion of part of the 20-percent enriched uranium in Teheran’s possession into ‘reactor fuel.’ On this last move, according to the panel, certain considerations must be made. It is true that it could indicate an Iranian attempt to reassure the international community in regard to the notable increase in its enriched uranium stock, which could be used in a very limited time for purposes of war, but it also signals new technological progress by the scientists of the Islamic Republic.

Iran went hunting for valves, instruments for measuring water pressure, magnets, stainless steel tubing, and aluminum alloys (for centrifuges) trafficking arms in secret to win consensus, allies and accomplices.

The report documents the case of the cargo ship, Jihan, chock full of war material, but it also brings up other events, like the two Iranians arrested in Kenya, the transfer of arms to al-Shabaab, in Somalia, and the Syrians of Bashar al-Assad passing through Iraqi air space, specifically, the Baghdad airport. “In particular” – the document states – “two states have reported the use of Iran Air and Mahan Air in this regard.”

Iranian arms and munitions have even been found in Sudan, with which there is supposedly a Memorandum of Understanding on military cooperation signed by Teheran and Khartoum in 2007. Suspicions have also arisen regarding certain trades with the Ivory Coast.

The U.N. panel of experts continued to investigate public statements in which arms shipments to Gaza were talked about. Under examination is a consignment of rockets in November 2012.

(Photo: REUTERS / Morteza Nikoubaz)

Semptember 26, 2013