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There were, for a fact, Iranians in North Korea on Day X when the United States decided to change the level of alarm regarding the nuclear issue with North Korea, passing from orange to red. That there were envoys from Tehran attending the latest test of the Kim Jong Un regime has been confirmed to Wikilao by various reliable sources, the same sources who do not exclude “at all a fourth, even more audacious experiment within this year,” because, they explain, “The North Koreans, working with their Islamic allies, have hit the ground running and evidently they are trying to miniaturize the device; they want to arrive as soon as possible at dimensions which will allow them to insert it into a missile warhead.”

This makes people’s blood run cold, not only in the west. It seems the Chinese have contacted Kim Jong Un directly in an attempt to slow down Pyongyang. He, however, observes a European analyst who follows the nuclear dossier and who requests anonymity, “seems concentrated on his personal agenda of national self-affirmation, his priority with respect to everything else.” In this sense, “the North Korean President believes he can exploit the deal with Iran to his own advantage, mistakenly taking for granted that Beijing will follow him unconditionally along this road.” There is talk of an unprecedented irritation in China due to Kim Jong Un’s attitude.

If they are worried in Beijing, imagine Washington: from the day of the latest test the problem has been defined as “of national security,” no longer of “regional security.” The United States, warned shortly before the explosion (power evaluated at over 7 kilotons), keep their antennas raised high on the Korean peninsula as a result. Obviously, neither do they lose sight of the connections with the Iran issue, as does no one else. Israel sustains that the acceleration of the two nuclear programs is not a coincidence. If Iran’s project to acquire 3,000 IR-2M centrifuges at Natanz (triple or quadruple the capacity of the IR-1) materializes in its entirety, Israel warns, there would be the risk of arriving at a point of no return, in particular if they add the installation of a new generation plant at Fordow (for the production of low enriched uranium at 19.75%). This is without counting, they add, that at Qom another 15 cascade centrifuges have been installed and by now the work on the finalization of the heavy water reactor in Arak is done. (Picture: REUTERS)